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    Wink wink…. oh my goddess of beauty.. i dont have words… it was something i have never felt before…. i am glad you like the gift… it surely looks pretty damn hot on you… thanks for my gift as well… see you soon Victoria..

    I am surely going to miss you…


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      Hi babes

      It was so lovely to meet you and I hope to see you soon.

      All my love Eugene 💕

      xx Your Goddess of Beauty, Victoria

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    Hi Tiny

    I can’t wait to meet you.

    Your goddess of beauty is a lady that loves lingerie, perfume and chocolate.

    Im glad you love my new pics Tiny, you make it all worth it with the sweetest compliments❤️.

    If you’d like to see me in those yoga pants, make sure to let our receptionist know in advance.

    See you soon honey xx

    All my love, Vic

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      Ohh my sweet goddess… I believe you are full of surprises…. ☺

      Maybe I can get you something sexy.. What colour would you prefer? 😈 Maybe something in a sassy black with a red rose…

      What would you prefer me to wear? Maybe I will show up with only a towel on? Hmm… do you maybe have a suggestion on what you would like me to wear?  Do you like a god in a suit and tie? Ties can usually be used as well.

      Yours Sincerely


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      Trust me, I am full of surprises.

      I love a man in a suit 😉 and don’t worry, a tie is not necessary. Some chest is always good.

      If you want to get me something sexy, what better colour than black.

      See you soon babes xx

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      Just 3 more days until I meet you. I am so excited. I am like a child getting a new toy. Haha.. Be safe my goddess.


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    To the goddes of Beauty

    In just a few days I will be meeting you and I am just wondering to myself how can I truely make this an exceptional one.

    I know goddesses love gifts. But what does my goddess prefer?

    VICTORIA, I love the newest photos from you. They are stunning. Now I wish i could see my goddess in tight yoga pants and a white see through crop top. So damn sexy…

    With love from Tiny

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